Welcome BACK Brunch at North Street Grille!


It’s been 2 months and 22 days since I’ve written about my love of food and I apologize for the wait (life…oy vey).


Kicking off my return to writing I came prepared with a fork in the left and a drink in my right to tell you about a semi secret, yet not so secret spot in the bustling North End perfect for your brunch munch cravings, North Street Grille!

Opened back in October 2010 on North Street, dinner is served 5 nights a week from 5pm to 11pm and brunch from 8am to 3pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holiday Mondays! A new addition to my Friday Brunch line up! On street parking around here is a bit tough, but there are lots close by or one can take the train in and walk from Haymarket.


Whoop Whoop!


It’s the perfect, cozy location for a chill brunch; whether you’re coming from working out and wanted to grab a bite while unwinding with pals or you’re hungover and literally dragging your bum through the door.


The menu is broken down into generous sections providing eaters to sample and indulge in some tasty treats. Prices vary from $5 to $17 for entrees with wine, beer, and cocktails varying from $5 to $10. Very inviting for many budgets!


For my homecoming feast I went for the Banana Bread French Toast and washed it down with the Flirtini cocktail. Need I say I was also on a date (wink wink). I think I would have picked something different if I knew they gave you FRESH BANANA BREAD as a starter snack. So moist and chewy; a nice way to start off any brunch.

IMG_3637 IMG_3645 IMG_3629 IMG_3642

My Flirtini was a blend of Cruzan Raspberry, Champagne, Chambord, Pineapple and Cranberry juice. Absolutely Re-Freshing! I had to have two, with no guilt! I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve had fruity drinks but this one was even blended and with the use of champagne it made the drink more like a punch, which I enjoyed.


IMG_3617IMG_3622  IMG_3621

My Banana Bread French Toast was to die for! Sitting in it’s already soaked goodness of a caramelized banana sauce this lovely thick Texas toast style bread was decorated to the nines with fresh bananas atop, confection sugar, and whipped cream.

IMG_3679 IMG_3675 IMG_3668 IMG_3664

This place Knows Bananas!

IMG_3686 IMG_3685 IMG_3663 IMG_3662

Each bite better than the first, and with little need to add extra maple syrup, one can eat continuously unless needing a drink break. It happens.


Sadly I couldn’t finish my plate 100% but I managed to get ‘er down to a solid 85% devoured!


Next time I visit for brunch I’m going with their ‘Benedict in Bed’, which is a French Toast stuffed with Canadian Bacon & Cheddar topped with Poached Eggs & Hollandaise Sauce. Sounds dangerous I know, but with my stomach up for the challenge I KNOW I’ll get to the bottom of it!


I can’t say the date was a hit, but at least my potbelly was visible. Xo.


North Street Grille


229 North St.


Boston, MA 02113


(617) 720-2010




Reasons I LOVE Ashmont Grill!

IMG_2645 IMG_2643

Dorchester, Massachusetts.  My hometown, my city, home sweet home.  Although it gets a bad rap this neighborhood is up and coming making it more appealing to residents and visitors looking to stay local for dining instead of trucking it to the downtown area.  In 2005 Ashmont Grill graced Dorchester’s Peabody Square drawing in patrons from all over the city and beyond proving that Dorchester has lots of potential.

Here are my reasons for returning over and over again to Ashmont Grill:

Reason 1: Atmosphere.  Ashmont Grill gives off the feel of restaurants in the South End.  It’s friendly; host an inviting environment with familiar tunes and impressive service.

IMG_2571 IMG_2572

Reason 2: Price.  Menu options here are wallet-friendly for all types of dining (dinner, Friday lunch, and brunch).  Dinner entrée’s are at most $24, Friday lunch ranges from $7 to $15 dollars, while brunch entrée’s top at $15.


Reason 3: Location.  Right across from Ashmont T Station and with a customer parking lot this location is accessible to all.

IMG_2574 IMG_2575

I usually have brunch here and always enjoy myself.  After placing your order they bring out a nice assortment of scones and chocolate chip banana bread.  I LOVE the banana bread.  The bread is soft and moist while the chocolate chips are semi soft creating a nice mix on the palette and a good texture to chew.

IMG_2580 IMG_2584

I decided to switch it up and go for the Egg Benedict containing 2 poached eggs & smoked ham (I’m usually a salmon girl) on an English muffin, hollandaise sauce, fresh fruit, and homefries.  For a starter I got the Old Fashioned Cider Donuts made handcut with cinnamon and sugar.

First bite into my cider donut and I thought, “Yes! Chris, these are perfect!”  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chef/Owner Chris Douglass who lives nearby the restaurant a couple of times and he’s always been pleasant.  My donuts (little munchkins) were nicely dusted with cinnamon and coated in sugar on the outside while the inside was soft and crumbly.  These donuts could be a kid’s best friend.

IMG_2592 IMG_2588 IMG_2609

When my Eggs Bene came out I was so pleased!  My eggs were nice and runny with hollandaise oozing all over it (insert smile here).  The ham was a nice thin cut and the English muffin was the SOFTEST texture I’ve Ever had! Well done!  The touch of pomegranates, pineapples, and oranges as their seasonal fruit medley was another plus!  Much different than the usual pairings of melons.

IMG_2640 IMG_2632 IMG_2629

Other recommendations I have for Ashmont Grill are:

Baked Mac n’ Cheese (Three Cheese blend.  Simply Amazing!)

Eggs Nova Scotia

Wood Grilled Lamb Sliders (you can TASTE the lamb!)

Classic Mai Tai Cocktail (Rum Yum Yum!)

Picture 20

My sticky toffy and mai tai via insta

Sticky Toffy Pudding (featured on the Food Network!)

Niman Ranch Pasture Raised Burger

I assure you, these items WILL NOT disappoint.

As a Dorchester native (or Dot Rat) I am proud such a restaurant is here in our neighborhood.  Businesses like this and their sister restaurant Tavolo (located on 1918 Dorchester Ave.) allow people who live in the area the opportunity of experiencing more than just the neighborhood bar.

Thank You! Xo.

Ashmont Grill

555 Talbot Ave.

Dorchester, MA 02122