Get SatisFi’d at BurgerFi!


With attempts to bring some sunshine and warmth to the cold Boston University area BurgerFi – the new burger-joint on campus – hails from Delray Beach Florida serving up a mix of meals, desserts, and libations in an environment suitable for both students and families.


Opened Monday thru Wednesday 11AM to 11PM and Thursday thru Sunday 11AM to 1AM BurgerFi pumps out healthier food options for their guest in an earth friendly environment much like a Shake Shack from the south with, “chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity”. In addition they also maintain a low carbon footprint through other sustainable practices.

Prices for this new eatery vary from $5.57 to $9.97 for one of their signature burgers, including a veggie!  If your more creative they have a “Build Your Best Burger” option starting at $3.97 for a single-stack with toppings costing extra.  Next up are the Hot Dogs between $3.67 and $4.97.  Sides or “accessories” range from fries or onion  rings OR Both from $2.97 to $4.97.  Desserts consist of Frozen custards or Frozen Concretes.  You can have them in multiple ways starting with shakes at $4.47 to concretes at $5.57.  Beer prices vary, but wine is served by the glass at $4.97 or by the bottle at $19.97.

IMG_3557 IMG_3567

To be health conscious the restaurant listed clearly it’s calorie content for their guest on their menu.  I love it! No guessing here.

IMG_3565 IMG_3563

This new addition the Commonwealth Ave line of restaurants in Brighton was a refreshing burst of change for the area, giving customers more options on where they’d like to dine, and also making it possible to grab a beer without being in a bar atmosphere.

IMG_3548 IMG_3560

Wanting to start with the basics I ordered the BurgerFi Cheeseburger and Vanilla Frozen Custard with Carmel on top.  To step on the ‘wild side’ I tried out the Crispy Onion Rings with, get this, Parmesan Cheese and Herbs!

There was bit of a wait for my meal, but once out I wasted no time.  My double-decker Angus burger containing two slices of American Cheese, Lettuce, and BurgerFi Sauce was satisfying.  I LOVE the grill branding atop the bun.  I was able to eat the entire burger with ease, and that left me happy.  Next time I go I’m getting the Brisket Burger (double natural 28 day Dry Aged Ground Brisket, Swiss Cheese, Blue Cheese, Lettuce Pickles and BurgerFi® Sauce) or maybe a Chicago Style Dog (All-Natural Dog topped with Mustard, Neon Relish, Diced Onion, Tomato slices, Sport Peppers, Celery Salt, and a Pickle spear served on a Poppy Seed Bun) to remind me of my favorite city in America.

IMG_3572 IMG_3568 IMG_3581 IMG_3576 IMG_3593

My frozen vanilla custard was quite yummy.  Smooth and creamy.

IMG_3603 IMG_3602

My FAVORITE takeaway from this meal however was indeed the crispy onion rings!  O.M.Gee!!!  True to it’s name, these crispy delights tasted like Funyuns Onion Flavored Ring Chips!  The Amazing difference being that I was eating REAL onions with massive flavor!  Heaven!  I MUST get a LARGE order next, even if it’s 980 calories in a serving.

IMG_3588 IMG_3586 IMG_3585 IMG_3583

Maybe next time I’ll get the Urban Fries from the “Secret Menu” that contains Parmesan and Herb Fries topped with Garlic Aioli.  The secret will be OUT if they top the onion rings and they might get swarmed and have to give up all their secrets.  But hey, it’s good for business, right? Xo!



961 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215



Gettin’ Southern at Estelle’s!


Recently I became a foodie tour guide for a friend who just moved in town; so many perks.  Aside from the exercise (we walk mostly to our destinations) I get to introduce my Podunk friend to foods he’d otherwise never try.  This past Columbus Day when we met I asked the “twenty-dollar” question: what would you like to eat?  As soon as he said, “a burger” I knew exactly where to go.

IMG_2493 IMG_2490

Opened December 1, 2012 Estelle’s brings the south to the busy and diverse community of Boston’s South End.  Accessible by the T or car this location is actually a block away from another sister restaurant in the Wilcox Hospitality Group, Parish Café.  The Wilcox Hospitality Group, owned by Brian Poe, has a total of four restaurants including Estelle’s {Parish Café, Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake, and The Tip Tap Room (Love it there!)}.

IMG_2500 IMG_2497 IMG_2495

The first thing my friend and I noticed on arrival after we complimented on the chill environment, perfect accent wall, and modern appeal was the beer menu.  Prices are SOOO college student friendly (although that was some years ago for me).  You can choose between half pints for no more than $4 and pints for no more than $8.  There’s even a Mug Club where you drink 130 beers in 180 days.   That’s a lot of barley.  Speaking of barley I tried a Tainted Love Cocktail consisting of Lavender Mead (Wine made from barley), Housemaid Lemon-Lime Aid and Rosemary.  This drink screamed SUMMER!  I can’t wait to actually visit in the summer and have one.  So sweet and tangy yet refreshing!


I ordered Estelle’s House Beef Burger made of 100% beef with American Cheese, Onion, and B n’ B (Bread n’ Butter) Pickles for my main, but started off with their Buttermilk Fried Pickles.  Oh yes, I did.

IMG_2506 IMG_2504 IMG_2502

Lunch at Estelle’s gives you that Southern vibe in the Northern hemisphere.  Executive Chef Eric Gburski brings dishes like Cajun Cornmeal Crusted Catfish just an example! Sounds so good!  I’ve had his kangaroo at Tip Tap last year and was very impressed. The menu is full of comfort meals and “Southern Pride” favorites keeping options playful and familiar.   Prices range for $3.95 to $19.95.


As we listened to nostalgic alternative music our pickles arrived!  These pickles were FANTASIC!  Best Fried Pickles in Boston HANDS DOWN!!!  Why?  Let me tell you: you’re served a pickled plate containing 3 types of pickles.  I don’t know the names of each type however I know they were tasty.  My Favorite of the three was the thick JUICY one.  It was SO sweet!

IMG_2511 IMG_2507 IMG_2509


Out next was my burger.  This little burger packed much flavor and was served with sauces.  I forgot to ask for the exact name of the sauces was BUT I recommend with Mild one for spice AND added flavor to your burger.  My fries were a nice potato stick cut.  I was surprised how full I was after my meal and HAPPY.  I was also borderline comatose which I didn’t mind at all (lol).

IMG_2529 IMG_2533 IMG_2538

I MUST RETURN for brunch and try their Stuffed French Toast “Elvis Style”!!! Peanut Butter & Banana fried CRISPY with Peach Caramel & a Fruit cup.  The King of Rock n’ Roll would be Proud!

Keep me wanting the South Estelle’s.  You’ve got this Boston girl HOOKED!



Estelle’s Southern Cuisine

782 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02118


Dinner Dash at Wahlburger’s!


Burgers!  I’m becoming more and more fond of them the older I get.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon, but I think it had to do with the first impressions of what I seen grown up: flat patties, cold cheese SLAPPED on top and splattered condiments.  Kind of unappealing.  Thankfully because of my love of food I was able to venture and try out REAL burger joints and form a new option.  I now introduce to you, Wahlburgers!


Created by my Favorite men out of Dorchester, Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlburg, this upscale yet age friendly burger joint has the quality of becoming apart of your Friday night routine if you live in the town of Hingham.  It would be apart of mines if I didn’t live in Dorchester (yea, I’m a “Dot Rat”). Paul has another restaurant adding to the family’s empire where he is chef/owner, Alma Nove.


Slinging burgers and hot dogs since October 2011 Walhburgers has always been consistent during each of my visits.  With the option of fast food, seat yourself service or having a server customers can take their experience into their own hands.  This was my third visit and I wanted something new to my taste buds.  There are two categories of burgers: Beef and Specialty.  All beef burgers are topped with Paul’s Signature Wahl Sauce, dill pickles, “government cheese”, lettuce, tomato and onions.  I love the “government cheese”. Burgers in this section are between $6.25 and $9.00.  The Specialty area is where one can find other burgers and non burger options, such as a chicken “burger”, salmon, and portabella mushroom.  These options cost between $6.95 and $7.95.


Not interested in burgers? Never fear, there’s the options of hot dogs for $3.95 or $4.75, and salads priced at $7.95 and $8.95.  And don’t forget the sides.  I had the Sweet Potato Tots my first time here and they were tasty! Drinks vary from Arnold Palmers (lemonade and iced tea) to soft drinks, frappes to floats ranging between $1.95 to $4.50.   Want something harder?  There’s beer, wine, Wahlcoction’s and Adult Frappes between $3.75 and $12.  Your not gonna find NOTHING like that in Boston.


I got the BBQ Bacon Burger (Donnie’s Choice) which was topped with White Cheddar,  Bacon, Avocado Fresh Jalapeno (hold) and BBQ sauce as my main with some onion rings on the side.  And what washed down this deliciousness?  An Adult Frappe, “Smores” which consisted of Chocolate Ice Cream, Marshmallow Smirnoff, Chocolate Syrup and Graham Cracker Crumble.  Are you excited? I was!



What can I say? I was hungry…

My burger was the perfect size.  Not too big to scare me off, but just right for me to plot which area would get inhaled first.  I liked the idea of the avocado being on the bottom of my burger.  Less mess and wondering if it fell off mid bite.  Nice chewable strips of bacon were a great addition.  Cooked at the right temperature so that the meat didn’t dry out or get too crispy.  My criss-crossed pieces were satisfying. White Cheddar was also a safe choice instead of orange.  The color hue was great and I know if I had the jalapenos the look would be complete.  The onion rings were thin sliced onions with a nice salty batter.  I personally like them that way.  Nothing again a HUGH onion ring, but these thin rings are more sharable and inviting to grab.


My booze shake was Amazzzinnnggg!!! The right about of alcohol for taste and a good use of graham crackers blended inside for that hidden surprise.   This shake gets two thumbs up and a stamp of approval!  My only complain: BIGGER STRAWS Please!


With green as the theme this relaxed contemporary location works great with being a quick spot to grab and go or a fun time to take the family.  With great Pop 90’s music pouring in throughout the restaurant I even had a moment to reflect when MTV played music video’s on TRL (Total Request Live) and Backstreet and Nsync* were in competition and next up was “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You”.  Wow, that was a long title.



Love how the ceiling decoration represents movies/tv series the brothers have been in or produced.

Even though it’s a bit away I will continue bringing family and dear friends to this perfect getaway for good eats and delicious drinks.  They have a lent option for next spring and a burger of the month!  Who knows, maybe I’ll run into Ted here!


Xo Wahlburgs!



19 Shipyard Dr

Hingham, MA 02043


Shake It Out at Shake Shack!


The EPIC line to get in.

It’s here, it’s Here!

Shake Shack is HERE Boston, we finally have one!  Now I didn’t know much about Shake Shack when my interest was sparked coming back from New York on a Lucky Star bus passing the billboard in November 2012, but I can share a bit now.  It all started 2001 in New York City at Madison Square Park in Manhattan as a hot dog cart for a solid two years before they were able to make a permanent kiosk.  A hot dog cart. Really? I think that’s AWESOME!


Big Hit in Chestnut Hill!

My friend and I decided on Friday night, March 22nd to give the new Chestnut Hill location a try.  She already tried Shake Shack in Miami and wanted to compare, meanwhile I just wanted to try it since November period.   Although the line was about a 30-45 minute wait to get inside (yes, this is true) I honestly feel this is NOT your average burger joint that you’re waiting for.


Simple, easy to follow menu.

What I like about the menu is it’s to the point.  There are 5 different kinds of burgers (1 being portabella mushroom), 4 different hot dogs, and 2 types of fries.  Perfect!  No need to worry about bringing your indecisive friends here.  Their price range works perfectly for the hungry Boston University, Boston College, and Pine Manor student being you can get a single patty cheeseburger as cheap as $4.75 and a double for $7.40 before tax.  The highest priced burger would be the Shack Stack which contains BOTH a cheeseburger and ‘shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce for $8.95.


Custard Calendar!!!

For frozen delights you have the choice between Frozen Custard [a dense dessert made from milk and flavors] or a Concrete [custard blended at high speed with a mix-in] from their popular choices or you can try a shake, regular ice cream, or a float. This will cost between $3.25 and $6.50 before tax.   Funny enough I didn’t want a shake on my visit like I thought I would when coming back from New York, but when I return I think I’ll have the Lobstah Shell [vanilla custard, lobster tail pastry shell from Boston’s North End, strawberry puree and ricotta cream] which you can ONLY get in Massachusetts.  Their drink list consists of non-alcoholic options as well as wine and beer (yes!).

My order was quite simple.  I got the ShackBurger, which is a juicy 100%-all natural Angus beef cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce that tasted to me like thousand island with mustard.  Different but Good!  I washed it down with a cup of ShakeMeister Ale, which is an Exclusive Brew for Shake Shack by Brooklyn Brewery.  Very impressive.  Dessert was chosen from the Custard Calendar for March (genius) which was half of a “Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter”.


I must say, although that was the RAREST meat I’ve EVER eaten in all my life, it was Delicious!  The burger was quite juicy, which surprised me because it wasn’t a big patty.  The ShakeSauce complimented the burger by being not too bold but leaving a nice love tap to your taste buds.  The beer was a good light body beer.  Not too hoppy but still had a bite.  And then, I had the custard.  Umm, custard (insert Homer Simpson Grawl Here!).  The texture of the custard was like a thickened mousse.  Great balance of PB to chocolate with a hint of salty for contrast.


Yummy Custard

Being that this location just opened up I can see the line to get in remaining long for the next couple of months.  That being said, this REALLY Shouldn’t stop anyone who has a bit of time on their hands from going.  They even have two lines for people who just want something cold from those looking for food which is helpful to the person getting their custard and leaving right away.  The staff is so friendly and helpful.  One of the employee’s who was in charge of handing order’s to customer’s asked me my name.  When I replied, “Potbelly” he laughed and said, “Nice to meet you”.  I told him I’d review this location and he was glad to hear it.  Team members clear your table for you and ask, “how did you enjoy the food?”  A fast food joint with full service restaurant demeanor, love it!


Yup, that’s Me!

The modern space is clean looking, organized, and makes good use of wood throughout the restaurant.  From the walls to the tables real wood is the theme with a nice natural finish.  Each table has a carving of either the symbolized Shake Shack Burger or a message like, “Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY this surface was part of a bowling lane” which means, they RECYCLE!!!   The use of magnets for the menu board is very efficient so new products can get added to the space without disturbing much of the structure such as clothes or a new shake.




Creative AND Cute!

In the end I was highly impressed with Shake Shack and what they have to offer.  They have me as a customer whenever I can make it out to Chestnut Hill.  When they actually COME to Boston however, I think that’s when I’ll be VERY pleased.

LOVE YOU! – Potbelly Tara, xo.


We’re Happy Too!

Shake Shack

49 Boylston Street

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467