Neighborhood Staple with Purple Cactus!


The first time I EVER had Purple Cactus in Jamaica Plain was back in the Spring of 2004.  An ex-boyfriend took me there, raving it was his favorite burrito spot.  I remember the physical experience vaguely but two things stuck out:  my burrito’s size AND my burrito’s taste!  Flash-forward to 2014 and the eatery still stands remaining one of my FAVORITE burrito locations in all of Hub.

IMG_3712 IMG_3713

Opened back in 1999 this healthy take on California style burritos has become a neighborhood gem, getting reviews from saying, “this place is the bomb!” and “fast food worth waiting for,” from the Boston Globe.  When the first location opened in Provincetown or “P-town” in 1993 the menu had only 3 burritos, chips, guac, and salsa.  Currently the menu has 8 sections, including breakfast, as well as side options.  Normal hours are 9am to 10pm daily with the full menu starting at 10am and Winter Sundays are 9am to 9pm.

IMG_3706 IMG_3751

I’ve tried the Vegetarian Chili, which was quite tasty containing a variety of Beans, Monterey Jack Cheese, and Tortilla Chips.  I was quite contempt with my small 8oz. cup.

IMG_6075 IMG_6076

I’ve also done the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Steak burritos, but never the Shrimp.  Today was the day!  I ordered my Shrimp burrito with a Spinach tortilla wrap.  Other wrap choices are: white, wheat, none (in a bowl) or Red Chile (I want to try that next!).  I had to make it a “Super Burrito” so I added guac and sour cream on the side.  It was only $1.20 extra and VERY worth it!  For a drink I got my favorite, a Cabo Cooler, a.k.a Lime-aid.



If you’re more on the no meat or fish side they also offer salads and other vegetarian options, including TOFU burritos!


What really works for me here is that the customer isn’t skimped by any means with their food.  When your paying the extra for steak over chicken your getting good HUNKS of steak in your burrito, not thin strips.  Prices here vary with the highest priced item being $8.75 for the Carne Asada (Grilled Beef) with Peppers Quesadilla.  My total came to about $9.50, which for the size of these burritos isn’t too shabby.  I wasn’t worried about my shrimp quantity or quantity at all.

IMG_3750 IMG_3711

Turns out my Shrimp burrito was Fantastic!  The shrimp were as juicy and poached as described with about 4 nice sized shrimp in each burrito half! Sooo good!  My cabo cooler was refreshing as always.

IMG_3747 IMG_3723

Next time I think I’ll switch it up and order a Smoothie.  I wasn’t even aware they had those.  A Classic Blonde – Apple Juice, Bananas, and Strawberries- sounds good, with a Turkey Avocado Wrap.  Yea, that sounds sensational!

With Love and High Recommendation,

Potbelly Tara.  Xo!

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The Purple Cactus

674 Centre Street

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

617 522-7422


Bubble T-Zone!!!


Free Wifi!  Bubble Tea!  Umm, YES!!!

Back in high school I would travel to Harvard Square Cambridge to get a yummy boba slushy from one of my favorite locations.  Thankfully, Bubble T-Zone opened up my graduation year (yup) and now I can go in my backyard for a treat.

Located in Dorchester since 2006, Bubble T-Zone is my convenient go to for the tapioca (bubble or boba) gummy snacks within my slushy or shake.  Open 6 days a week from 10:30am to 6:30pm, closed on Tuesdays, T-Zone offers, “a variety of beverages including shakes, slushes, smoothies and coffee” as stated on their website.  Slushes and Shakes are $3.25 while Smoothies are $3.50. They also offer special desserts like flan, whole coconut pudding, and coco-pandan waffle.  Specialty items are between $1.75 and $4.95.  Want something less complex? Ice cream and ice cream sundaes are available.

IMG_3939 IMG_3941

This cozy advanced coffee shop has a mini seating area, a tv, and did I mention free wifi?

I LOVE boba!  Of course you can go there and get a beverage without tapioca balls if it’s not your thing, but if you like living on the edge, give it a try.  They even have a stamp card; buy 8 get the 9th one free!


Flavored Boba


I’ve tried their Strawberry Slushy, an Avocado Shake (amazing!), and today I’m having a Mango Slushy with boba.  So refreshing.  I love that you not only see them making your slushy, but you also can watch the sealing process.  So cool.  Wish I could get one in my house.


Insta Mango Slushy

What a great way to continue the day.

Suck it up, chew it up, love it!

Bubble T-Zone

1082 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA 02125

(617) 314-9587